iPhone Gestures for XrayUtilities


Double Touch

The double touch is used for selecting the current graph into memory (and change its color to red). When you re-enter the graph utility, this saved graph will be overplotted with the new graph.



The pinch/expand gesture is used to change the upper limit of the graph. Pinching (or zooming in) will decrease the upper limit and expanding (zooming out) will increase the upper limit. You cannot go lower than the first displayed data point. The maximum is 120 keV. The pinch/expand gesture is a double touch (two finger) gesture where both fingers move either toward (pinch) or away (expand) from each other.


Left/Right Swipe

The swipe gesture is used to change the lower limit of the graph. Swiping left will decrease the lower limit and swiping right will increase the lower limit. You cannot increase higher than the maximum displayed data point. The minimum is 100 eV.



The rotate gesture is used to reset the current graph. It will remove any overlaid graphs and reset the graphing limits to the defaults. The rotate gesture is a double touch (two fingers) where both fingers rotate around the center of the two touches. It will take a quarter turn to reset.



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