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Yes, there was an app for that!  The X-rayUtils app was originally a reference utility application for the iPhone, iTouch, and iPad.

Now the app is released through a partnership with Quantum Detectors and is web app that can be run on your iOS device, Android device, or even your desktop/laptop.  Regardless of your platform, it is perfect for synchrotron scientists and other x-ray users! These are all the things that I always wish I had easy access to at a beam line. The utility is composed of four parts:


  • Status - shows the current storage ring monitors of several synchrotron facilities around the world. Shake your device if you're bored to display one at random! A bunch of the links that we used before are broken and we will continue to update these as we make improvements.  Can't find the synchrotron that you use? Contact me (and if you know the web address for the status page that's even better!) and you just might see it in the next release.

  • Lines - Will display the general atomic properties, absorption edges, and fluorescence lines (with yields) for elements hydrogen through californium. A must for the x-ray absorption experimenter or microprobe user.  Can also click on the "filter" button to show you the elemental filters that could used for scatter reduction in an EXAFS experiment.

  • Abs - Don't know how much your kapton windows absorb at Cu? Wondering if that meter of air path will absorb all your x-rays? The x-ray absorption calculator will tell you! This utility Will calculate the absorption length and total absorption of any compound, given the x-ray energy, chemical formula, density and thickness of the compound of interest. Includes a list of common compounds, and you can also add your own.

  • Ion Chambers - Ever wonder how much x-ray flux is really in your experiment? By entering the basic properties of the ion chamber in your experiment (gas composition, pressure, energy, chamber length, measured voltage and amplifier gain) you will get the x-ray flux in photons per second.


Get the web app from GitHub here!

The X-rayUtils is still being developed, so if there's something you want to see or have any feedback, don't hestiate to let me know!



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