Applications for Synchrotrons.​

SIXPACK - for XAS analysis


A full featured x-ray absoprtion spectroscopy (XAS) data analysis program, using IFEFFIT as the data analysis engine. Available for Windows PC and MacOSX.

Area Diffraction Machine - XRD 2-D data analysis


Data analysis for 2-D area diffraction data. Will integrate 2-D patterns and perform basic calibration and preliminary analysis. Available for Windows PC, Mac, and as source code.

MicroAnalysis Toolkit - for XRF imaging


Data analysis tools for image data, primarily for x-ray microprobe data. Highly flexible to do many types of image processing and analysis. Available for Windows PC and MacOSX.



Ever feel the need for your x-ray data booklet at your fingertips on your phone?  This is it! Your all in one x-ray data reference application.  Now sponsored by Quantum Detectors and available as a web application for iOS, Android, and your desktop/laptop computer.



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