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X-ray Utilities

What is X-ray Utilities?

X-ray Utilities is a digital interactive web-app
of the classic x-ray data booklet

Compatible on iOS, Android or any web browser

In partnership with Quantum Detectors Ltd.


The utility has four categories of information:

  • Status

    • Current storage ring monitors of several synchrotron facilities around the world.

    • Shake your device if you're bored to display one at random!

  • Lines

    • General atomic properties, absorption edges, and fluorescence lines (with yields) for elements hydrogen through californium. Search by name or energy for quickly finding the info you need!

    • Database of elemental filters that could used for scatter reduction in an EXAFS experiment.

  • Absorption

    • This utility will calculate the absorption length and total absorption of any compound, given the x-ray energy, chemical formula, density and thickness of the compound of interest.

    • Includes a list of common compounds, and you can also add your own.

  • Ion Chambers

    • Enter the gas composition, pressure, energy, chamber length, measured voltage and amplifier gain and you will get the x-ray flux in photons per second.

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