BL 10-2

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Beam line 2-3 is dedicated to micro-focus hard x-ray imaging and micro x-ray absorption spectroscopy

Ideal for obtaining elemental maps of small samples (10 microns - 25 mm) as well as performing spectroscopy on selected points in the sample

Beam line specifications


Source: 1.3 Tesla Bend Magnet, 0.75 mrad acceptance

Monochromator: Water cooled, double crystal Si(111)

Energy range: 4.9 - 23 keV focussed (please contact for experiments above 19 keV)


Experimental hutch

Beam size: ~3 micron ⌀ focused via Kirkpatrick-Baez mirrors

Flux: click the thumbnail on the right for a flux plot

Detector: Single element Hitachi Vortex 90EX, 50mm area

Detection system: Quantum Detectors Xspress3

Max count rate: 3 million counts per second

Practical element detection: SiK - NbK, most L-edges (concentration dependent)



Environment: Ambient temperature and pressure, biological cryo cell available on request

Sample mounting:

Primary mode is the "Wheel of Fortune"optimized for thin sections. Samples are mounted to cassettes that push fit into a wheel that can hold up to 6 cassettes (see gallery and CAD below).

Calibration Foils:

Purpose: These foils are available as concentration standards so you can obtain quantitive elemental distributions (see SMAK tutorial on quantification)

Standards & Concentrations: if you measured foils at the beamline, here is the key:


Row 1

Standard   Concentration (ug/cm2)

Pb              46.1

Au              47.6

SrF              246.3

AgHg         42.5

WO             354

GdF            353.7

MoO          351.7

Row 2

Standard   Concentration (ug/cm2)

CuSx         51.2                                   *(Individual concentrations given for Cu: 39.4 ug/cm2 and S: 11.8 ug/cm2)

Se             46.4

CaF          256.8

ZnTe         45.8

Ni             55.4

Co            45

Mn           47.1

Fe            56

Row 3

Standard   Concentration (ug/cm2)

GaAs         4.3

Cr.             48.3

V                55.6

Ti               50.4

YP              348.2

SiO            48.8

CsBr          50.5

Row 4

Standard   Concentration (ug/cm2)

LaF             347.6

TiCl            39.7

ZrF             434.49

GaP           47


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