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BL 14-3

Micro-focus tender x-ray imaging and micro x-ray absorption spectroscopy

Ideal for obtaining elemental maps of small samples (10 microns - 25 mm) as well as performing spectroscopy on selected points in the sample

Source: 1.3 Tesla Bend Magnet, 0.75 mrad acceptance

Monochromator: Water cooled, double crystal Si(111)

Energy range: 2.1 - 5 keV

Energy Resolution: 10,000 ∆E/E

Beam size on sample: 1 micron OR 5 micron diameter beam via                        axially symmetric focusing optics

Flux on sample: ~10^10 photon/sec

Detector: Seven element Hitachi Vortex, 50mm^2 area

Detection system:                         Xspress3, Zebra and V2F100 

Max count rate: 3 million counts per second

Practical element detection: Mg K-edge - Ti K-edge

XANES acquisition: P K-edge - Ca K-edge

Sample Environment: Ambient temperature and pressure, helium atmosphere, electrical passthroughs.

Sample mounting:

Primary mode is the "Wheel of Fortune"optimized for thin sections. Samples are mounted to cassettes that push fit into a wheel that can hold up to 6 cassettes (see gallery and CAD below).

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