BL 2-3

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Beam line 2-3 is dedicated to micro-focus hard x-ray imaging and micro x-ray absorption spectroscopy

Ideal for obtaining elemental maps of small samples (10 microns - 25 mm) as well as performing spectroscopy on selected points in the sample

Beam line specifications


Source: 1.3 Tesla Bend Magnet, 0.75 mrad acceptance

Monochromator: Water cooled, double crystal Si(111)

Energy range: 4.9 - 23 keV focussed (please contact for experiments above 19 keV)


Experimental hutch

Beam size: 1 micron OR 5 micron ⌀ focused via cylindrical Kirkpatrick-Baez mirrors

Flux: ~10^9 photon/sec (see image)

Detector: Single element Hitachi Vortex 90EX, 50mm area

Detection system: Quantum Detectors Xspress3

Max count rate: 3 million counts per second

Practical element detection: SiK - NbK, most L-edges (concentration dependent)



Environment: Ambient temperature and pressure, biological cryo cell available on request

Sample mounting:

Primary mode is the "Wheel of Fortune"optimized for thin sections. Samples are mounted to cassettes that push fit into a wheel that can hold up to 6 cassettes (see gallery and CAD below).


Interactive CAD viewer
  1. Click and drag to orbit.

  2. Hold shift, then click and drag to pan.

  3. Scroll (2 finger drag) for zoom.

  4. To hide or show components (such as the hutch walls) select the object, right click and select "Hide Selected".

  5. To show all components, right click and select "Show all objects".

Calibration Foils:

Purpose: These foils are available as concentration standards so you can obtain quantitive elemental distributions (see SMAK tutorial on quantification)

Standards & Concentrations: if you measured foils at the beamline, here is the key:


Row 1

Standard   Concentration (ug/cm2)

Pb              46.1

Au              47.6

SrF              246.3

AgHg         42.5

WO             354

GdF            353.7

MoO          351.7

Row 2

Standard   Concentration (ug/cm2)

CuSx         51.2                                   *(Individual concentrations given for Cu: 39.4 ug/cm2 and S: 11.8 ug/cm2)

Se             46.4

CaF2         56.8

ZnTe         45.8

Ni             55.4

Co            45

Mn           47.1

Fe            56

Row 3

Standard   Concentration (ug/cm2)

GaAs         4.3

Cr              48.3

V                55.6

Ti               50.4

YP              348.2

SiO2            48.8

CsBr          50.5

Row 4

Standard   Concentration (ug/cm2)

LaF             347.6

TiCl            39.7

ZrF             434.49

GaP           47

KCl            49.1