6-2 Troubleshooting

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1.  I cannot see my data in my T drive!

This is a problem since the “upgrade” to Windows 10. The data backup program can get interrupted. Solution:
1. Go to the Data Backup program (look in the task bar).
2. Click the “Stop” button.
3. Click the “Start” button.
4. Check your T Drive. Data should be there now

2.  XAS plotter - I cannot see my XAS data or my data looks really crappy!

This is usually due to:
1. Having the wrong display parameters selected for the data you are collecting.
2. The plotter window having the zoom function or the vertical cursor still activated somewhere.

Solution to 1:
See here for the detailed list of plot options for XAS plotter. But in general:

  • for fluorescence data being collected in SCA1, you need FF/I0 selected in the Std Plots tab.

  • for fluorescence data being collected in SCA2, 3 or 4, you need to select Custom in the Std Plots tab. Then in the Custom tab select Requested Energy as the numerator, and 1 as the denominator. Then you would select the appropriate SCA channel as the numerator (e.g. SCA2.1), and I0 as the denominator in the Y-axis group area.

  • for transmission data you should have the appropriate ion chambers selected, usually I1, either in Std Plots or in the Custom tabs.