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BL 7-2 Microscan Troubleshooting

Microscan video feed appears unresponsive


This can happen for two reasons: (1) The video feed is frozen so you're moving but it doesn't look like it or (2) The stage motors are disabled.


Frozen video feed:

Close and reopen microscan. Click on F0 to get the crosshairs back. If you get window that says something about Windows checking for a solution or something just cancel those to get microscan to close.

Note: If there is no sample on the beamline, or if it is dark, the black crosshairs might not show up very well against the background. Change the crosshair color by selecting “Video” and “Crosshair Color”…change to Red, Blue, Green or Yellow.

Stage motors are disabled:

(1) Go to the browser window that is logged onto Newport (

(2) Does x.x, y.y or z.z say "enable"? If so, press the button saying "enable"

(3) Does x.x, y.y or z.z say "initialize" If so, DO NOT PRESS ANYTHING. Contact beamline staff.

Microscan displays don't show anything

The displays often freeze, especially after several maps have been collected. Close and reopen microscan.

If you the displays still show nothing, check whether you see data when you open the file in SMAK. If you don't, contact beamline staff

MONO Shows an error

Sometimes the ICS server (the server that interconnects all the beam line electronics) disconnects. This sometimes presents itself as an error (#ERROR#) in uXAS and/or MICROSCAN (where the red box is located in the following images).

Restart ICS

1. Close DataServer, microXAS, and microscan
2.Open a command prompt or terminal window.
3. In the terminal type “ics_cpc” (without the quotes) and then press enter.
4. Then type “4” enter.

5. Agree to “default” by pressing enter .
6. Type “Y” enter to select yes you really want to restart.













7. You may wait up to a minute or so until ICS shuts down.

8. Now type “3”.
9. Agree to “default” by pressing enter.












10. Several seconds should elapse and ICS will be restarted.
11. Restart DataServer, microXAS, and microscan

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