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MicroXAS Troubleshooting

MONO Connection Error

Sometimes the ICS server (the server that interconnects all the beam line electronics) disconnects. This sometimes presents itself as an error (#ERROR#) in uXAS and/or MICROSCAN (where the red box is located in the following images).

If you are physically present at beamline 14-3, your can restart ICS. If you are a remote user, contact beamline staff

1. Close DataServer, microXAS, and microscan

2. Go to the Linux computer. This is the monitor directly to the left of the beamline control PC.
3. Open a terminal window.
4. In the terminal type “ics_cpc” (without the quotes) and then press enter.
5. Then type “4” enter.

6. Agree to “default” by pressing enter .
7. Type “Y” enter to select yes you really want to restart.













8. You may wait up to a minute or so until ICS shuts down.

9. Now type “3”.
10. Agree to “default” by pressing enter.












11. Several seconds should elapse and ICS will be restarted.
12. Restart DataServer, microXAS, and microscan

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