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XMap Troubleshooting

If XMap GUI is not showing any counts try the following:

(1) Close and reopen XMap GUI

(2) If that doesn't work, run the zebra batch file:

  • Open a file explorer window. Navigate to the local C drive, then "SSRL_LOCAL", then "Source", then "zebra"

  • When in the zebra folder, look for a file labeled "zebra" whose type is windows batch file

  • Double click to run the zebra program. A command window will open and will run through a bunch of commands. When the program is done running, the window will close automatically

  • Reopen XMap GUI, select one of the channels, and hit "start"

(3) If that doesn't work, check that the detector is connected.

  • Go to the xspress3 control window. Has the text pictured in the red box on the image below changed from all green to all white? If yes, then xspress3 has crashed.

  • Close XMap GUI

  • Go to MobaXterm (see picture below). This is a remote desktop application that connects to the computer which runs the detector software. There are three tabs open. In each tab, hit cntl-C. This will terminate the process in each window.

  • Then, use the up arrow to see the commands that were recently run in each window.

  • Arrow up until you see:

  • --> hit return

  • --> hit return

  • python --> hit return

  • Reopen XMap GUI, select a channel, and hit "start"

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